As the author, I visually know exactly how the characters look like. However, my lack of artistic skills prevents me from portraying the characters as they should be. These model photos are closest to the images of the characters thatI have in my head. These pictures were taken off random Web sites dedicated to Asian models and are for entertainment purposes only. No profit is made from the use of these pictures.

Devin Lancaster's model is Ryan of

Tyler Stonebrook's model is Darrel Smith.


OTHER CHARACTERS (based on location)


Riki Ashetori- Portland teacher who is visiting his friend Ranko and playing with Ryan's heart

Stephen Longheart- Barry's partner.

Luke Fong - A hot, but closeted, Chinese accountant who Martin likes

Blair Bentley- The new African-American intern at BoyHeaven, Inc. who Devin is debating his affections with


Alexandra Kwan- Jane Dunway's best friend.

May Yim Choi- President of Kappa Alpha Omicron, the Asian American Christian sorority

Ling Lai- Shampoo's sorority sister roommate at Kappa Alpha Omicron

Ben Kwong- Shampoo's boyfriend at UC Berkeley

Michael Ming- Coordinator of Queer and Asian and Gender Sexuality Exploration Center intern

Lisa Lam- Shampoo's closeted first lesbian lover


Genma Saotome and Soun Tendo- Ranma and Akane's parents, whose sudden deaths, forces the two characters to make irrational decisions about their future

Nakata Shiroi- A renowned Japanese football star who is attracted to men, particularly Ranma.