"Aggressive": UKYOU KUONJI

No longer the bow-tied okonomiyaki grill ass-kicking little girl that she used to be, Ranma's fiance Ukyou Kuonji from Ranma 1/2 has also grown up with the other characters, both physically and mentally in her confidence about her own identity...particularly, her identity as a lesbian. And as an openly out Japanese dyke, Kuonji has a new mission in life- to liberate her lover Akane Tendo from the clutches of her platonic heterosexual relationship.

Ukyou knew when she was younger that she was never attracted to her playmate Ranma Saotome. However, her father who completely ignored Ukyou's youthful tendencies towards women was desperate to reform his budding lesbian daughter by trading his okonomiyaki cart to Genma Saotome for Ukyou's husband. However, Genma ran off with both the okonomiyaki grill and Ranma...without Ukyou. Her father argued that Ukyou's gay tendencies had forced Saotome to flee and disowned her right away. Abandoned, Ukyou focused her rage towards men on her one passion- okonomiyaki. She became very good at okonomiyaki-fu.

When Ukyou finally confronted Genma Saotome about the fiance situation, she ran into the cutest short-haired tomboy that she had ever met- Akane Tendo. Ukyou was discouraged to persue her affections with Akane when she found out that Akane's fiance was Ranma. In pursuing Ranma, Ukyou befriended Ranma's rival Ryoga Hibiki. It was that friendship with Ryoga while he was working at Uuchan's that helped Ukyou in the coming out process. At first Ukyou assumed that Ryoga was attracted to Akane until Ryoga finally told Ukyou that he had no interest in Akane or girls whatsoever and he secretly wanted Ranma. A shocked but grateful Ukyou then confided in Ryoga about her affections to Akane and she was only playing around with Ranma's affections because she was so scared she was the weird one for liking girls. Their close friendship made both Ranma and Akane think that the two were a couple, similar to any gay man-lesbian pair.

As time drew on, Ryoga became aware that Ranma's affections were not for him and literally gave up on his beloved and hoped to turn straight with his girlfriend Akari. Ukyou was about to consider the idea that Akane would never like her in the same way that she did. However, it was Akane who finally professed that she pined for Ukyou and even kissed her on her wedding day. A shocked Ukyou lusted for Akane back but she knew it was too late. Unlike Ryoga HIbiki who chose to run away from the ceremony after professing his love for Ranma, Kuonji gritted her teeth and watched her beloved Akane, with tears in her eyes, marry a man that Tendo did not love.

With nothing left in Nerima, Kuonji returned to her first passion- okonomiyaki. Kuonji, who was also a savvy businesswoman, opened several franchises of Uuchan's, which became known for its fast and filling okonomiyaki meals, throughout Japan. While she lived in Kyoto, Kuonji joined a queer Japanese online community known as BiNet. Through the chatroom, she found out about a womyn's retreat called called "Barizoku" which means "The Rose Tribe" in Japanese. The retreat, which took place in scenic HIroshima, empowered Ukyou and many other queer Japanese women to profess their pride in their affections for women.

Despite the temptation of hotter women, Ukyou stuck close to Akane Tendo. Akane and Ukyou started a secret affair through letters and e-mails. In between trips to open stores in Nagasaki, Nagoya, Kyoto and Tokyo, Ukyou would make stops at the Tenjo house where she and Akane further explored their relationship physically. But every single episode would end and resume the same way- Akane would shun Ukyou and make her leave and then she would send an apology e-mail to Ukyou to say that she missed her. Ukyou kept believing that Akane's irrational behavior was because she was trapped in her relationship with Ranma but after many instances, she is starting to question whether or not Akane's affections are as genuine as she had presumed.

Ukyou has decided that she cannot wait forever for Akane to leave Ranma. With a brand new Uuchan's opening in Nerima, she makes one final trip to Tokyo to get the woman that she loves.


Ukyou Kuonji's model is Sang Mi Chu.

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