"The Player": KERRY KWOK

There is very little known about Castro's number one gaysian bachelor and that is because he spends so little time with each guy that he is with. While most gay men are searching for men to pursue possible relationships with, Kerry is persuing the next hot piece of Asian ass that he can grab. And with his good looks and superficial charms, he is pretty successful at his goals. Ask his former lovers Martin Ventura and Ryoga HIbiki.

Here's what we do know about Kerry though. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts to wealthy Korean parents and went to Brown University where he majored in design. He works for a gay-friendly advertising company that is in charge of placing ads in queer magazines nationwide. He came to San Francisco to get away from his parents and his East Coast lifestyle. There's also something that happened between him and Ryan Hitomi while Ryan worked in the East Coast. He is also the vice president of Gay Asian Pacific Americans (GAPA) as he has often initiated most of the members of the organization in his own way.

As for Kerry's personal life, ask any gay or bisexual Asian guy within a ten-mile-radius if they have been "kerryed off" by Kwok before. Kwok follows the "sticky rice" perspective in which Asian guys empower each sexually in a society that continuously de-sexualizes them in maisntream media and everything else. Kerry may be onto something but he's using the philosophy to get into everyone else's pants. Kerry isn't in search of a long-term relationship but only time will tell when Kwok too will have to settle down. After all, he is pretty close to Ryan's age.

Kerry Kwok's model is Kwon Sang Woo.

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