Chapter One
Anything Goes As Before
Ranma Saotome and his wife Akane Tendo-Saotome ponder the fate of their lives as an old friend returns.

Chapter Two
One of the character deals with his sexuality in a completely different way as a family dinner turns into a matchmaking ceremony.

Chapter Three
I Won't Tell if You Don't
A homophobic Greek Week has the Berkeley queer community in an uproar. Shampoo needs to choose her loyalties to her sorority.

Chapter Four
More than Just Friends
Akane pays Ukyou a visit. A missing chapter from Ranma is revealed.

Chapter Five
Third Time's the Charm
Martin has a date. Ryoga has really bad gaydar. Ranko feels angsty about the wedding. An aggressive and suave Korean guy hits on Ryoga.

Chapter Six
She Will Be Loved
It’s war between the queer community and the Greek community. And Shampoo is in the middle of it. In addition, Shampoo discovers a secret about Ben and reacts unpredictably

Chapter Seven
Tokyo Nights
In outrage over Akane’s affair, Ranma wanders into a club in Japan and is hit on by an attractive young man. Old wounds reopen.

Chapter Eight
Where Do We Go From Here?
Ryan says goodbye to Riki. Ryoga discovers Kerry in a compromising position.

Chapter Nine
Sisters, Guess What?
Shampoo ponders if she should break the KAO sisters oath to do what is right for the community.

Chapter Ten
Nakata teaches Ranma all about the gay Japanese scene and hits on Ranma, which causes sexual confusion. Ukyou tries to break up with Akane.

Chapter Eleven
Starting Over
After being kicked out of Kappa Alpha Omicron, Shampoo explores her options in UC Berkeley's gay community.

Chapter Twelve
The Corporate Closet
Martin attends his father's retirement party with Ryan and discovers Luke in a compromising position. Devin finds himself drawn to the new employee at his office.

Chapter Thirteen
The Odd Couple

Ranma and Akane arrive in San Francisco

Chapter Fourteen
Downe and Out for the Count

Shampoo starts to volunteer at the Queer Support Center. She becomes more and more involved in the queer community. In the evening, she goes to her first Downeparty.

Chapter Fifteen
Eyes Wide Open
The plots start to intertwine in San Francisco. Tyler seeks comfort in Barry over his conflicting affections for Ryoga and Ryan. Devin escapes from his ongoing crush on Blair through the Internet. Ryan secretly pays a visit to Ryoga. Martin confronts Luke about his behavior.

Chapter Sixteen
Two Short Tales

Shampoo receives an unpleasant warning from someone unexpected. Ranma and Ranko reconcile. Ranma journeys into the Castro.

Chapter Seventeen
Another Night in the Gay Mecca

Ranma runs into Ryoga. Kerry seduces Ranma and invites him to ‘Gaydar.' Martin plots to get even.

Chapter Eighteen
Shampoo looks back on her past and present..and faces her future.

Chapter Nineteen
Another Night in the Gay Mecca (Part Two of Three)
Ryan takes Ryoga to a western bar, while Martin and Tyler make a new friend at Club Metro.

Chapter Twenty
There's More to This
Shampoo goes out with the girl of her dreams.

Chapter Twenty-One
Day Turns to Night
A brief glimpse into what the other characters are up to previews storylines to come.

Chapter Twenty-Two
Another Night in the Gay Mecca (Part Three of Three)
Ryan makes an offer that Ryoga can't refuse.