Chapter Six

She will be Loved

The war started on Tuesday morning at 7 o’clock in the morning. As soon as the Daily Californian released the decision that KAO would uphold its decision to not allow homosexuals it annual Greek cotillion, chaos ensued.


The soldiers marched at dawn. In the faint distance, Shampoo saw a group of women walking towards the sorority, holding hands. She recognized some of these women because several were part of Queer and Asian. But she also realized that they were in combat union- mini skirts, high heels, lots of make-up. Shampoo recalled some of these beautiful women wore sports bras, tank tops, cargo pants. But this was different. These girls had one intention and they had “femme’d” themselves up for one purpose- to inflict vengeance upon the sorority that shut down their sisters so horribly.


The girls reached their destination, which was the front porch of Kappa Alpha Omicron’s comfortable house on fraternity-sorority row. And there, they proceeded to kiss each other, toss their loose hair to the wind and massaged each other’s gorgeous breasts in their tight-fitting sorority slut outfits.


The fraternity guys had just woken up and were making cat calls. The burly jocks in their burly muscles walked around topless and encircled the women. They cheered as the girls continued to make out in front of the Asian Baptist sorority’s front lawn.


May Yim was clearly not in a good mood. At first, she screamed for the girls to get off the property but she realized that the meandering apes’ hootings were much louder. And then she did the unthinkable. She took a hose and started to spray the women, and some of the fraternity men. Jets of water soaked the women but they didn’t stop making out. The guys were even more tittilated by the wet clothing and visible nipples. May Yim aimed straight for the girls’ faces, splattering them with the cool and shocking liquid.


“You’re all going to hell!” May Yim screamed furiously. “And get off my sorority you sinful harlots or I’ll call the police!” As the lesbians and faux-lesbian fled the ground, Jane Dunway turned around and stared at a bewildered Shampoo dead in the eye.


“Why don’t you go after your friends?” May Yim looked icily cold towards Shampoo as she walked back into the room.


Today just wasn’t going to be a good day.



Attending Queer and Asian meetings wasn’t helping either. This week, the group catered a discussion about the events occurring on campus. The Asian Pacific Islander women of Lambda Delta Lambda felt content that they could vent their rage towards the group.


            “They said they would pray for us,” Annie laughed. “If I believed there was a God or whatever, I’d pray that a lightning bolt hit them square in the temples!”


“They are just so fucked up,” Miranda said. She was an attractive butch Japanese girl with spiky black hair. “I hate sorority sluts anyways. Those girls try to act like good-good Christian girls.”


            “Not all sorority girls are bad!” Shampoo protested. “Some of those ‘stupid bitches’ are my friends!” Shampoo protested angrily. Her face was turning red with outrage. Of course she didn’t mind that M. But her friend Ling was surely not a bitch.


            “Why don’t you just come out to those stupid bitches of KAO then,” Miranda looked coldly at Shampoo.


            “Hey, we don’t do that here!” Ryan turned snappy. He was very protective of his “family” even when they had their tiffs. Even though most of the time he was a happy go-lucky person, those who knew Ryan personally knew that he could also be as serious and disciplined as well. “How dare you pick on this innocent girl!” Ryan folded his arms. “Not all girls are so lucky to come out to their parent on, let’s say, LSD?” He leered at Miranda scoldingly.


            “I’m sorry,” Miranda sunk down in her chair. Ryan knew exactly where to hit her.


            After this sudden little tiff, the rest of the meeting went on smoothly.


            “If you need a place to feel safe, you know,” Miranda fidgeted. “There’s always Lambda Delta Lambda. We don’t have the best sorority house on campus but at least you’ll be able to be yourself. I know what it’s like to be, you know, in the closet. We do have some intelligent straight girls in the sorority too so they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.”


            Shampoo tossed her hair. “Thanks,” she said. “But I think I’ll chance it with the homophobic stupid bitches who will pray for my soul.” She shrugged Miranda off as she walked out the door with Lisa.



            Lisa had invited Shampoo and the girls to go into San Francisco but Shampoo declined her offer. She decided that today she would be the dutiful girlfriend and attend Ben’s race, which took place midnight in Shattuck that Saturday. This was the only day that the area was deserted because most Berkeleyites had gone to San Francisco.


            The “rice rockets” were ready to go. “Rice Rockets” were Asian cars with Asian names ready for racing down the lone streets of Berkeley at night. One car had its own video game set. Another car had a boombox and was blasting Ja Rule through the trunk. Shampoo felt like she entered a completely different world. A group of cars were coming back from spinning around Shattuck Ave. The guys hollered in Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai, Vietnamese and in every other language but English. In this space, the world of the rice rocket, these guys didn’t have to surmise to the pressure of being the obedient Asian boys that their parents wanted them to be.


            Shampoo noticed another benefit to the races. Beautiful Asian girls wearing mini skirts and platform shoes to big for them showed off their smooth tanned legs. To hide their lack of cleavage, the girls also opted for the skimpiest and most revealing outfits possible to laden their frail bodies. This was definitely a heterosexual man’s paradise.


            As she searched for her boyfriend, Shampoo noticed that one of the racer girls was being very friendly with Ben. She was a beautiful Asian girl with long dark hair and red highlights. She wore a mini skirt and a white tank top. Ben looked pretty attractive, wearing baggy pants and a blue vintage jacket. The Asian girl just kept smiling at him and laughing and Ben looked like he was enjoying it.


            “You new here?” Shampoo recognized Ben’s friend John. He was an attractive Filipino guy with full lips and a toned body.


            “I guess I am,” Shampoo shrugged. She tossed her hair back. “I’ve never gone to something like this before.” She smiled innocently. “I know Ben. Who’s that girl Ben is with right now?”


            “Ben’s been really friendly with that girl,” John said. “I wonder if he already broke it off with his girlfriend because no decent guy would be too friendly with a new girl unless they’ve done something like that.”


            “I am his girlfriend,” Shampoo stated as-a-matter-of-factly. “And we haven’t broken up yet.”


            “Oh shit,” John said. But it was too late. Shampoo went straight up to Ben.


            “Oh Shampoo, what’s up?” Ben looked up in shock at his fuming girlfriend’s face. “What the hell is going on?” Shampoo asked. “And who is this girl!”


            “Um, this is my friend Ashley,” Ben looked nervous. The Thai girl tossed her beautiful and silky highlighted hair. She eyed Shampoo with fire in her eyes as red as her ruby lips.


            “Shampoo,” Ben started to say. “You’ve been so busy for a while. I’ve seen you walking around with some really weird girls lately. What happened to all your friends at KAO?”


            “May Yim told me…about the kiss,” Ben added and looked seriously at her before Shampoo could even breathe from shock. “The girls were just leaving the movie theatre from watching Win a Date with Tad Hamilton and they saw you…in the park…with a girl.” Ashley’s jaw dropped and mouthed the word “skank” in Thai.


            “But I told her I had a boyfriend!” Shampoo protested angrily. “I would never do anything like that to you!” May Yim knew. All the other girls knew. Shampoo felt like a puppet on a string.


            Ben looked straight at Shampoo. “I’m sorry…” SLAP! Just as a reflex, Shampoo’s hand made contact with Ben’s face. “I deserved that.”


            “Damn straight,” Shampoo said angrily. “We spent so much time together and you told me that you loved me…or liked me or something like that.”


            “That is true,” Ben touched the burn on his cheek. “But after getting to know you for a while, I’m noticing a few things about you. First of all, you’re very secretive but you’re not really good at it because the sorority girls know that you’re a walking dyke. Second, all the guys were impressed with me for bagging a hot Asian chick like you. You look like that Korean pop star BoA*. Third, I grew bored with you and technically I’m not ready for that stability that you are looking for in a relationship. I’m young and I intend to enjoy my youth and my good looks while I still can.”


            “So basically what you’re saying,” Shampoo looked down on the ground. “Is that I really meant nothing to you?” Shampoo tried to fight the tears. It just hurt her so much that he knew everything about her.


            “You did mean something to me,” Ben said. “A long time ago. You’re not the same girl that I fell for and I can’t deal with it. I don’t know how.”


            “You asshole,” Shampoo said and slapped him again, hard like a jagged knife.


She picked up her red purse and dashed out onto the street barely missing one of the rice rockets zoom past her. The fog coming from the sewer enveloped the atmosphere and she felt just so damn cold. There was no turning back. Ever since that first kiss with Jane, Shampoo felt herself pulled into a deeper and more downward spiral. The girls all knew. It was like a humongous conspiracy against her. Her world had fallen apart, to lies, to secrets, to lost loves and broken hearts. Perhaps there was something in there that had some feeling for Ben but she would never know now. Ben had made his decision. And she would make hers.



            Shampoo pounded on Lisa’s door furiously. Lisa’s apartment was in a quiet neighborhood next to the campus, with peeling red walls and a crooked white door. The cool wind felt cold against Shampoo’s body and she wanted to feel safe again. With a creak, Lisa opened the door. Lisa was wearing a beret, a white T-shirt and a spotted white bowtie, like she had gone out clubbing with the girls a little while before.


            Lisa realized what had happened after looking into Shampoo’s watery eyes. She quickly embraced the lean Asian girl tenderly. Then Shampoo drew herself to Lisa’s lips. There was that breath of wind. But this time, it was faster, more intense. Shampoo pulled Lisa’s face in as Lisa’s fingers ran through Shampoo’s silky hair.


            Lisa guided Shampoo into her bedroom and sat Shampoo on the bed. Lisa’s room was also red with the white bed in the middle. She quietly placed a CD into her red iMac and it was Maroon 5’s She Will Be Loved. Then she looked at Shampoo again and noticed Shampoo’s soft smile. As the music began, Shampoo started to unbutton her shirt. Shampoo wanted everything that Marina had given Jenny on the show that she had been watching for so long. She wanted it now and fast and rough.


            Lisa’s nervous fingers fumbled around Shampoo’s bra. Clearly she only had experience wearing sports bras, like the black one that clinged to her own body. Shampoo started to feel frustrated with Lisa’s attempts. Finally, Shampoo unclasped her own bra with ease, tossed it aside, and let her soft bosoms rest on top of Lisa’s body as she drew Lisa in for another kiss.


            As Shampoo kissed Lisa, she felt Lisa’s fingers following down her soft sweaty body. One hand started massaging Shampoo’s breasts with tender and smooth sways. The other hand found its way down to Shampoo’s warm pubic area, which was already dripping wet with excitement. Shampoo gasped as she felt Lisa’s hands enter her suddenly. Lisa smiled. And then her fingers started pumping. Shampoo continued to toss Lisa’s hair and run her fingers around Lisa’s body, pressing her lips to Lisa’s lips in fervous attacks of tongue and more tongue.


Shampoo tried not to notice that Lisa’s arm was starting to get slower and slower. Lisa’s arm was getting tired from too much pumping. Shampoo pushed Lisa back onto the bed lying down. She drew herself closer to Lisa and placed her body directly over her. She never had anyone perform oral on her, not even Ben. But she was feeling adventurous anyways. She could feel Lisa’s tongue exploring her and it brought her pangs of emotion that she had never felt before. She closed her eyes and pictured Marina Ferrer and her lustrous brown hair sprawled across the white pillow eating her out. She reopened her eyes and saw Lisa’s short wavy black hair tossed between her thighs. Shampoo grinned a little bit.


            She felt the orgasm building in her and she got really scared. Shampoo tried to tighten her thighs and hold the pleasure in her for as long as she could. And then she released it, one wave after another. Lisa, her face deep in Shampoo’s thighs muttered assuringly in response.


            After her body had stopped shivering, Shampoo lay down next to Lisa. Lisa’s face glowed with the rising sunlight. Shampoo cried softly to sleep in Lisa’s warm arms.



BoA Kwan is a famous Korean pop star who is known for both her talent and her beauty.


“She Will Be Loved” is a song by Maroon 5 and it definitely envelopes the feelings that Shampoo needs at this moment, especially her first lesbian moment in which she falls for a girl that she is truly in love with.


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