A New Beginning
A familiar Ranma1/2 character winds up in a brand new environment.

Chapter One
Lost and Found
A handsome Asian man discovers an unconscious black pig in San Francisco International Airport, only to be surprised by the pig’s secret.

Chapter Two
The Foreign-Exchange Student
The perfect lesbian becomes infatuated by the beautiful Chinese foreign-exchange student she sees in her class one day.

Chapter Three
Enter Castro
Ryan takes his new friend Ryoga to his house and discovers something very surprising about the lost pig boy

Chapter Four
Shampoo’s Epiphany
After the recent humiliating events, Shampoo discovers something that will change her life forever.

Chapter Five
Two Different Worlds
Ryan's friends meet Ryoga and Ryan makes a decision about where their relationship is going.

Chapter Six
The Center
Shampoo pays an unexpected visit to a surprisingly place. Talk about "Brave New World"

Chapter Seven
The Lost Boy Finds A New Home
A mysterious bank note in Ryoga's backpack leads Ryan and Ryoga househunting.

Chapter Eight
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!
In order to remove the tension over her infatuation of Shampoo, Jane's lesbian friends encourage her to go clubbing. At the same time, another woman considers the same thing.

Chapter Nine
In the midst of a midterm, one of the characters thinks back about the boy he fancies and what he has to do about it.

Chapter Ten
Cat Scratch Fever!
In the heat of the night, Jane meets a mysterious butch woman. But she is not what she seems to be.

Chapter Eleven
Ryan's Game
Ryan's fruit fly co-worker sets Ryan up on a blind date.

Chapter Twelve
Sorority Blues
Shampoo returns to her bubble and finds a way out. But it will cost her.

Chapter Thirteen
His Night
Two guys. Two dates. Two big problems.

Chapter Fourteen
Her Last Chance
Is she really worth losing him?

Chapter Fifteen
The Boys are Talking
The morning after. Enough said.

Chapter Sixteen
The Hours
Shampoo finally gets the guts to ask Jane out. But is she really ready for it?

Chapter Seventeen
Club Earth
The premiere of San Francisco's new gay club leads to mixing, mingling and a few surprises as the guys become more honest with each other.

Chapter Eighteen
Queer & Asian
Okay, so maybe she's gay. Here comes the interrogation...

Chapter Nineteen
His Choice
Just when all hope fades, another light shines in the darkness.

Chapter Twenty
L is for Libacious
Shampoo decides to partake in a Queer and Asian event

Chapter Twenty-One
To Ranma with Love
An e-mail goes to Tokyo as the first book of Tales of the City 1/2 saga closes.