Chapter Fifteen

The Boys are Talking

Ryoga groggily pulled the sheets away and stepped out of his bed. The cool wind entered the apartment from an open window next to him. He massaged his head, his sweaty black hair. From the distance, a quiet Tyler looked out from the bed. Ryoga’s nude figure shone as the moonlight highlited aspects of the glorious pig boy’s body. However, Tyler knew that the look on Ryoga’s face looked slightly puzzled. He hated when Barry was right.

“Are you alright?” Tyler looked up from the bed.

“I’m alright,” Ryoga looked away. “Just shocked.”

Omigod, he’s not gay and he suddenly realized it. “I’m sorry,” Tyler looked down with disappointment. “The first time is not usually the best one.”

“No,” Ryoga turned back to Tyler. “No one has let me, um, enter them before. I am a virgin. Well, I was a virgin.”

“Well, how was it,” Tyler said. “And you can be brutally honest.” Ryoga turned around. His piercing dark eyes carried a tang of sensitivity. His lips turned into a soft smile, in which Tyler could slightly see the fangs that Ryan was talking about. He didn’t need to say a word because Tyler knew exactly what he was thinking. Tyler walked up to Ryoga. His warm breath caused tingles on Ryoga's skin. His smooth peach fingers started following Ryoga’s tanned skin, from the top of his chest, gently massaging his erect nipples, tracing down the thin line of his rippling chest.

"Feels like you're ready for another go," Tyler snickered. Ryoga licked his lips eagerly and tossed Tyler back to the bed.

Gay post-mortem sex-talk is more like a bad rerun of Sex and the City in which all the men are trying to show their bravado but the chats is no longer over coffee and lattes. With the internet, AOL Instant Messenger is leading the next generation of queers in new forms of conversation and exchanging gossip. It is also very convenient for the gay man who is working at his 401K job where his other alternative is to twiddle his thumbs while waiting for his assignments.

BabyBearBoi: Where did the queers of color go?

Prof4SFSU: Ryan’s currently on a busy cover story so he can’t talk right now. And Martin’s got a meeting to go to and then a lunch date.

BabyBearBoi: Good, cuz I can’t believe the twink Ryan went out with.

DevilAngel: He’s hot.

BabyBearBoi: HE’S UGLY.

DevilAngel: Any guy under 120 pounds to you is UGLY.

BabyBearBoi: The guy is so skinny, you can slip him down a kitchen sink.

DevilAngel: We don’t complain about the Bigfoot you call your boyfriend.


DevilAngel: So what did you do last night, Tyler?

Prof4SFSU: I hung out with Ryoga

DevilAngel: OH REALLY?!

Prof4SFSU: Nothing much happened.

BabyBearBoi: I am sure that didn’t happen

DevilAngel: Cut the crap. How good was he?

Prof4SFSU: He’s a virgin.

DevilAngel: So you DID do it!

Prof4SFSU: Did I slip that out?

Prof4SFSU: Shit.

BabyBearBoi: Damn straight.

Prof4SFSU: Well, I’ve gotta go teach a class. See ya guys?

Prof4SFSU has signed off

BabyBearBoi: You owe me fifty bucks.

DevilAngel: Damnit.

And on the other side of town… Ryoga was in a very perky mood. His hips were swaying so much that his tight jeans were distributing flirt signals to every customer in Crepeville…not that any of the customers minded that the cute Japanese guy was happily swaying his tight hips. He was also whistling a song that he didn’t even think was written but he just didn’t care. He carefully balanced two trays of heavy crepes when the site of Ryan stirring an iced tea quietly almost made him collapse. Ryan sighed softly, wearing his traditional black business suit and metallic blue tie, swirling the tea. Then he looked up and smiled at Ryoga. Ryoga was about to turn away.

“I owe you an apology,” Ryan said.

“You don’t owe me anything,” Ryoga said gruffly. “You have needs. I know.”

“It’s not that,” Ryan said. “I should have politely said that I was going to be busy that evening, since I know you come to my place all the time.”

Ryoga blushed. He knew Ryan had no reason to be sorry for what he did. He was just covering up for the real apology. I’m sorry that you’re 18 and I’m 29. I’m sorry that I’m as old to be your father. “I’m on my lunch break,” Ryan said hopefully. “I know that Castro is kinda far from Market but I had a hankering for the best crepes in the world. Do you want to sit with me?”

“Only for a few minutes,” Ryoga smiled.

“The bathrooms are really clean,” Riki entered into the fiasco. Ryoga suddenly stood up abruptly.

“Hey, I’m Riki,” the blonde guy said and extended his hand to Ryoga. Ryoga quickly grabbed it and squeezed as hard as he could.

“Nice to meet you, Riki,” Ryoga glared. “I was the guy who showed up last night to Ryan’s place.”

“Good handshake,” Riki moaned in pain.

“This isn’t really a lunch break, is it?” Ryoga snapped.

“Nope,” Ryan looked nervous.

He might as well pee on Ryan. Ryoga grinned. “Well, here’s your order, kids.” He dropped the two platters of crepes on the table so hard that the crepes almost flipped off their plate. “You guys have a fun date, okay?” He walked away with his hips swaying, singing the same old imaginary song. Ryan and Riki looked at each other with the same thought in their head. “Okay,” Ryan sweated. “If you got to know him better, you’d find out that he is a really nice guy too.”

Riki suddenly wasn’t hungry anymore. Just then, a familiar red-haired face appeared.

“Oh I’m so sorry I was so late,” Ranko muttered. “Stupid copy desk delayed my story again so I had to yell at the editor.” She looked at her two partners. “I know that the specials aren’t that bad here.”

Ranko turned around and took a very close look at the waiter. No, it can’t be… Ryoga?

“Omigod,” Ranko looked nervous. “I’ve gotta go. I’ve really gotta go.”

“But you just got here!” Riki said

“I know…but…my pager…gotta get back to the newsroom,” Ranko got up and dashed away as fast as she could.

Ryan and Riki looked at each other. “So, now what?”

“Well,” Ryan smiled. “The fag hag is gone.”

“And this is indeed the center of the gay community, right?” Riki smiled back. Ryan drew Riki closer. Their lips softly locked and their eyes closed shut. Suddenly Ryan felt extremely wet in his groin area. Too wet. Ryoga was standing over them, completely blushing. He picked up the shattered pieces of a water pitcher. Riki looked like he could kill Ryoga with his glaring eyes. “I’m so sorry,” Ryoga muttered. “I turned to grab another plate and this stupid guy bumped into me and I tripped and broke the water pitcher. The boss is going to kill me.”

“It’s okay,” Ryan said calmly. He could feel his crotch frozen like ice. “It was just an accident.” But he wasn’t so sure any more either.

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