Chapter Sixteen

The Hours

“I was looking all over for you after the club,” Alex tagged along with Jane. “You left so, well, PMS-y.”

“I know,” Jane muttered. “I just had a very bad day.” And this was going to be another bad day. She was having her period and she felt bloated like a balloon. She didn’t want to hear any of Alex’s sympathy as her waist felt like it was going to blow a gasket.

And it was about to get worst. Professor Santorini was selling-out…again. Even though she was the best and most intellectual Women's Studies professor, in Jane's opinion, Santorini had a very bad habit of promoting commercial works for the sake of education...and her Hollywood friends.

The Hours is based on the book written by Michael Cunningham about the bisexual double-life of authoress Virginia Woolf," the teacher continued to discuss. "Your homework is to make some time this weekend to watch this influential movie and to write a paper analyzing its image on the continuing suppression of women. If there are any," Professor Anna Santorini said. “And it will be due Friday.”

The class groaned again. “Don’t worry, I guarantee you will enjoy it,” Santorini grinned sadistically. “It is complicated, dramatic and inquisitive. I suggest that you bring a fellow classmate to discuss the movie and make the assignment a little bit easier.”

Jane grumbled. A paper by Friday! That meant she would definitely miss the Hole concert. If she had her way, she’d choose Courtney Love over Nicole Kidman any day. Jane was contemplating how many tattoos Courtney Love had when Shampoo walked up to her. Shampoo looked extremely cute, wearing a pink beret and a white peasant top and capri pants with flowers on the side. “Nihao,” Shampoo grinned.

“Hey,” Jane said. “Don’t we have a crappy assignment?”

"I've heard the movie is pretty cool," Shampoo said.

“Yeah, definitely,” Jane shrugged. Shampoo bit her lip. “Well, see ya,” Jane said.

"Do you want to go see it with me?” Shampoo fidgeted nervously. “I’d like to get a better perspective from a fellow feminist. You know, for the homework assignment.” Jane was shocked. Suddenly any tummy rollercoaster in her waist just disappeared. “Sure,” she choked out.

“Great,” Shampoo smiled. “Um, can you give me your number?” After the two girls exchanged cell phone numbers, Jane realized that Women Studies was her favorite class again.

After three more hours of dull classes, Jane returned to her apartment to get ready. It was almost 6 p.m. Great, I can't hit the gym. She fumbled for the keys to her apartment. Alicia had left the cats out again and they were turning Jane's homework into a shredded mess. Jane shoved the cats away, looking at the remains of her Statistics papers.

Dunway's apartment, located conveniently over Jamba Juice on Shattuck Ave. looked like a clash between Asian Enlightenment and European Renaissance. The strong scenet of burnt incense. The bold red Victorian era sofa in the middle, next to the bamboo yoga mat. Jane walked into her room, which she had painted in a bright red hue with a glossy finish. The scent of her vanilla candles waifed through the room. She took off the black clip from her hair and let her long, brown hair loosely flow. Jane agreed to herself that a black top would definitely look good tonight. And some really tight black capris to match those pants.

Shampoo arrived later that evening at the movie theatre. She was wearing a mini black skirt which accented the warm bare skin of her tanned legs. Jane wiped drool off her face. "You look gorgeous today," Jane smiled.

"Thanks," Shampoo blushed, her back turned and purple hair flowing.

The Hours was a very, well, interesting movie. It was the Kitty and Laura part. The part where Kitty starts crying because she’s scared that she has breast cancer and Laura Brown, the repressed ‘50s housewife, embraces her best friend. Then, both women look up toward each other and Laura kisses Kitty. Shampoo clenched her bucket of popcorn really tight. She was feeling slightly nervous. Just watching the two women kiss made her heat race faster. She turned to Jane, who's eyes were glued to the movie, like a fly to sweet, sticky honey. Shampoo was also noticing something else too.

Julianne Moore was gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. If only the two girls knew that they were both thinking the same thing.

Shampoo and Jane were arguing. The crisp autumn wind blew through the deserted streets. Shampoo clung to her jacket for warmth. Her bare legs were turning into frostbite. "I really disagree with you," Jane said. "I think Virginia Woolf really did love her sister."

"What about Vita Sackville-West?" Shampoo asked. "Virginia's other lover?"

"I belive that Vita and Virginia had broken up around that time," Jane replied. "I just think it would simply be incest and just plain wrong."

"Damnit, it's just really cold," Shampoo grumbled. Jane made her move. "Here, take my jacket." She turned to Shampoo and wrapped the jacket around Shampoo's bare shoulders. She softly touched the girl's skin, brushing warmth onto her body. Shampoo looked up quietly in shock. Jane's eyes met hers. And suddenly all was silent. Shampoo’s lips looked inviting. Jane started to run her fingers through Shampoo’s gorgeous purple hair. Shampoo closed her eyes and sighed. She put one hand on Jane’s soft cheeks and drew her in.

It was like a breath of wind. But most of all, it felt incredible. It seemed like hours. Shampoo clearly had experience. Soft lips brushing excitedly all over each other. Shampoo looked like she was shocked. Jane’s heart raced really fast. But it was Shampoo who decided to pull away. “I can’t do this,” Shampoo looked down quietly. “I have a boyfriend. It’s not fair to him.”

“I understand,” Jane took a deep breath. Shampoo looked like she was going to cry. Why was the world so cruel and bitter? “Zai Jian,” Shampoo whispered and quickly walked away.

Jane looked at her watch. It was 11 p.m. Maybe it was time for her to make-up her statistics homework.

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