1. LINKS Page- I have organized all of my really cool links and am ready to put them up on this site so watch for that in a couple of days!
  2. Chapter Eight- Will Jane ever get over Shampoo? The bigger question is can Shampoo get over Jane or finally do something about it?
  3. Character information- Watch for Ryan Hitomi, Jane Dunway and the Ranma1/2 crew up pretty soon. Pictures are filling up my bandwith big time but I'll see what I can squeeze in.
  4. And since everyone is demanding it, I'll put in more information about Ranma1/2 and "Tales of the City."

April 5, 2003- CHAPTER SEVEN IS NOW UP! I am so sorry...I'm taking too many classes. Aaahh! But I am enjoying them so much. Working on Chapter Eight (back to the Shampoo's story ^_^) I'll probably put up some more random stuff on this site soon. I'd like to thank everyone who has visited this site and shown their support! LINKS PAGE COMING SOON!

March 30, 2003- If you noticed, I updated the banner because my Photoshop is working again. If you notice, Akane and Ryoga don't have white stuff around them and the lines next to Ukyou are gone. Sorry that the graphic is still fuzzy though. In the meantime, I am working on Chapter 7 of the story. It is coming out slowly and surely thanks to a mixture of writing blocks and the fact that class starts tomorrow. But I am already thinking ahead and I have 3 other chapters ready to upload very soon. I am also going to add a links page but I gotta get all those graphics arranged

March 27, 2003- Sorry everyone. I have been having technical difficulties in keeping this site updated since all my ADOBE programming decided to go haywire. I will update it as muc has I possibly can. Gracias

Chapter Five and Six are up! I took some time to breeze through Chinese and finish writing Chapter Five. I still am amazed about how fast this site is getting updated. Hopefully people can PLUG it But here is what I have planned.

That's all from the top of my head. I have a final on Friday morning and I leave for San Francisco on Friday afternoon. But I will be back in Davis (because I have a job, thank you God!) on Monday..The dorms close till Wednesday though. Therefore, I am going to focus more on the story and SPRING QUARTER 2003! Woo hoo!