August 16, 2004. If you think this novel is dead, think again! I've just been doing several dozens of things that are keeping me from writing Chapter Seven. I've decided not to put myself on deadlines and just update when I can. I am doing an internship and working at the same time, doing that 40 hours a week, yup. And watching the Olympics. But I am indeed working on the new site as well so that is also taking some time as well.

July 3, 2004 I am proud to announce that Chapter Six is now up. Chapter Six will be the last chapter that will be uploaded to this version of the Web site in which I will focus on writing Chapter Seven and working on the redesign of this site. If the new site isn't up by next week, I will definitely update this site with Chapter Seven.

July 1, 2004 Tales of the City's Web site is getting a makeover that should be available by Mid-July. I intend to place the CHAPTER SIX up soon on this site but that will be the last chapter updated to this design. Be prepared because the new site will definitely have frames. I am stylizing the site based on TheLWordOnline.com which looks like this:

And being the productive person I am (not studying for Chinese), here's a preview of what the new site will look like:

June 19, 2004 CHAPTER FIVE is now up for public viewing. Finals are over so I am actually going to pay more attention to the storyline. I already have up to ten chapters ready to be written. I also figured out how to update my Web site via Dreamweaver. This means I can finally do the redesign that I was hoping to do! So, look forward to a brand new Tales of the City design soon!

May 23, 2004 The first three chapters of "More Tales of the City 1/2" are up and on their own separate page here I am working on a very big redesign of this Web site but keep watch for Chapter Four appearing on Wednesday or Thursday.

April 23, 2004 I am working on four chapters of "More Tales of the City 1/2" and they will be all up all together very soon. So far, I'm on CHAPTER THREE while working simultaneously on CHAPTER FOUR. In the meantime, I'm also working on some self-made graphics for the next book. Check this and this out while you are biding the time.

March 29, 2004 CHAPTER TWENTY and CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE are up. This concludes the first book of Tales of the City 1/2. Stay tuned for more debuachery because I have Chapter One of the next book ready to go and that will be up by the end of this week!

February 29, 2004 The preview for CHAPTER TWENTY is now up. I hope to have the chapter done by Thursday. You might want to watch "The L-Word" or read some of the previews and screencaps. It'll help you deal with this chapter's major theme of visibility. Did I say too much?

February 26, 2004 CHAPTER NINETEEN is now up! I'm squealing with delight because I'm on a roll with the writing. And honestly, Shampoo's storyline is my favorite so far so I get very excited when I get back to the Shampoo storyline. Other things i have planned. I am totally reforming the character page...possibly coloring the characters in too. But I don't like it so far. So maybe I'll just focus on each character individually. Anyways, I'm babbling so I hope you enjoy the chapter and stay updated with the story!

February 12, 2004 Wow. I am completely shocked at how much I had abandoned this project. So there have been some major factors affecting my life- first of all, school. School's tough. Second, THE L WORD. Doing research for "The L Word" has taken a lot of my time. I've been doign so many wacko things. I did finish CHAPTER EIGHTEEN and CHAPTER NINETEEN in the Philippines but I had misplaced the files in the Philippines. So, CHAPTER EIGHTEEN has been sitting in my computer for awhile. I just needed a time to actually take on the chapter and write it which I just did. So now, it's up. I will also be doing some very much needed reform of the Web site. You will notice that the chapter format will change. Fortunately, I have not abandoned this project. I do know that the first part of this story will be over with Chapter Twenty. So it runs like a television series. Look for "More Tales of the City 1/2" to come soon. Second, I'm also learning how to use ColdFusion and Dreamweaver since I now have the software. So watch for the site to take a sudden dramatic transformation. Thank you for those who have been reading and keep supporting the site by SPREADING THE WORD! GaySians taking back the mike, yo!

December 23, 2003 To my dearly devoted fans, CHAPTER SEVENTEEN is now up! Maligayang Pasko and please check out the preview for CHAPTER EIGHTEEN. I thought I could do a weekly update but with finals and other special projects, it has been intensely difficult. I used to complain about why the Tei and Riki comics were never updated so fast but now, I completely understand. Writing does take a lot of work and it is a slow process. Well, I'm in the Philippines now so i am actually getting a lot of the story done. There are two more chapters already in the writing process. I am also considering whether to make the sequel or continue on to the traditional 99 chapters of Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin. Ay yi yi. Decisions Decisions.

November 7, 2003
I just took a whim last night and started doodling the characters in the fanfic. I've now added the rough sketches for some of the characters on the character information page so you can see how I perceived these characters. I've concluded two things: 1. I can't draw girls and 2. I can't draw bears. I'm no Joe Philips but at least I tried. I apologize for not placing CHAPTER SEVENTEEN up yet. I've been very busy working on school and a dozen other projects but that chapter is getting close to finished.

October 24, 2003
Happy birthday to my sister, my number one fan. And here is your preview to CHAPTER SEVENTEEN which will be completely up by this week!

October 17, 2003
I have updated the CHARACTER INFORMATION PAGE and am focusing on that. CHAPTER SEVENTEEN is going pretty slow...especially because there are going to be many characters in this chapter and I am beign very experimental with the story. With the CHARACTER INFORMATION page, you get to learn more about the characters...and read their thoughts! I plan to have graphics of the characters themselves on this page as well.

October 8, 2003
After much effort and a lot of other work on the side, CHAPTER SIXTEEN is finally up. I have decided to conclude the first novel at CHAPTER TWENTY. But fear not TOTC1/2 fans, there will be a book two. I'm just getting designs ready. I am sorry I can't do as much as I used to because I now have homework. But, yes, I am working on CHAPTER SEVENTEEN and CHAPTER EIGHTEEN which are going to be two pinnacle chapters. So stay tuned and enjoy! PS- This site will always be updated on FRIDAYS or THURSDAYS.

September 19, 2003
My network connection is not working at home so it is difficult to upload documents into my computer. CHAPTER SIXTEEN is almost done. I swear. Did you know that the original "Tales of the City" had 97 chapters?! That means that I will have much work to do. And I will be incorporating two more important characters very soon. In the meantime, check out the now updated CHARACTER INFORMATION page where you can find out more about the characters? I will soon be including graphics for the characters as well, hand drawn by moi.

September 9, 2003
Who wants a poon tease for CHAPTER SIXTEEN? Shampoo and Jane finally go out and we have the whole sordid story here. I'm also working on another Web site for a possible senior project called Afterwill.com dedicated to the analysis of gay male culture. So please visit that and show your support!

August 31, 2003
Take a look at the "cockteaser" for CHAPTER FIFTEEN which is now being written as we speak. I'm adding some more fun surprises underneath the "About the Author." I have a lot more time to upgrade the site now that I am finished reading my AMS book. I have also upgraded the links page to show you some stuff I love to look at.

August 23, 2003
CHAPTER FOURTEEN, after much delay is up. I was on vacation while I was writing this chapter so I really didn't have much time to write it. I apologize to my dear fans and promise that my updates will be weekly. If not a story, I will update something cool and entertaining for this website. Some teasers: A photo of me for the "About the Author" page and probably some more photoshop images. Now if only someone can buy me a scanner...

July 30, 2003
Just to make the story a little bit more fleshed out, I am proud to release the REAL PROLOGUE of this work. The piece has reached a point of popularity in which I can reveal one of the many twists of this book. I have also written the ending for this work because indeed it has to end and that ending will not change....but the work will not end for quite a while so my strategy in reading this book is try not to read the ending before the beginning.

July 21, 2003
So who wants to see a preview of CHAPTER FOURTEEN? (Audience: We do!) Well, it's now up for you to enjoy. I'm trying to get this chapter up by this Friday. And then back to the Ryoga-Ryan-Tyler love triangle that's going on. Gay plots are soo much fun. ;-)

July 19, 2003
If you haven't noticed yet, there is a new banner on this site for "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" which reached #2 on the ratings chart on ad-based cable with its premiere! Go Jai and Kyan!!! In other words, if you have Bravo, watch this show now because it is here!! As for other updates, look for CHAPTER FOURTEEN's preview and an "About the Author" bio...

July 13, 2003
CHAPTER THIRTEEN is now up! I better rush and get the CHAPTER FOURTEEN preview up soon. I am giving the stories a much needed makeover. You see, my dear sister (and #1 fan) found so many typos in the story that I used my journalism editing skills and looked through them with a fine tooth comb. If you also noticed, I changed the rainbow scheme of the site to accurately match the rainbow colors now accepted at LGBT Pride. That's right, pink and turquoise are back, ergo, the site is reflected to the Pride colors.

July 10, 2003
I have found some time to update my website while I am at work. First of all, you guys notice the new banner on the site. I am so excited about "The L Word" even though I am not a lesbian but I'm more excited because I actually get to see this because I have Showtime. I am updating the links page. I think it's taking too long for Ryoga to learn how to use the Internet (big plot giveaway) so I am going to put up the gay links for Ryoga's site. I also added a few more really cool links that I found for lesbians too. And yes, I am still working on the story and it is ALMOST DONE!

July 9, 2003
I have been busy trying to get my classes in line first before I could completely make time to update the site. But I can assure you, CHAPTER THRITEEN (despite my superstitions) is now in the works...I've placed the first paragraph of the chapter so go visit it! I will keep you updated as I update the other personal pages about the progress of this chapter. It is actually getting very close to complete too. In the meantime, check out the LINKS page for updated LGBT links. I do have an African American Studies 12 midterm on Monday so keep smiling. PS- Jennifer, the ASA 130 write-up will be available online.

June 19, 2003
CHAPTER TWELIVE is up. I must apologize for the intensely slow update but things are getting back to normal. You see, I had neiserria meningitidis which is the near deadly version of meningitis. And that is why I was quarantined in the hospital and unable to work on this story. I am also working on another private writing project, a screenplay and above that two stories for AAJA (Asian American Journalist Association). But I promise you that things will get done and I will be the responsible person I normally am. Thank you to those who keep visiting the site and I will have CHAPTER THIRTEEN up soon.

May 30, 2003
Happy Friday everyone. CHAPTER ELEVEN is now up and we latch back onto the Ryan-Ryoga story. I've also updated the links page to feature UC Davis' Asian Pacific Islander Queer organization among several other dozen things. Isn't it exciting that I am presenting this site on Wednesday. I've also noticed that the page is getting longer. Another thing I'm working on: A page about me and why I created the site and ASA 69: An Introduction to Asian American Sexuality. :-)

May 24, 2003
I have been doing a really good job updating the site weekly and I intend to keep it that way. This site will receive a once a week upgrade when I possibly have time to do so but I do have time becaue I've dedicated this site for a major ASA project that I am working on. So in the meantime, I've changed the Introduction to the site a little bit and added my article for OutLOUD magazine: "Gay Toons? A look at the homoerotic cartoon movement" which explains some of the basic concepts that my fanfic deals with. I'm almost done with CHAPTER ELEVEN for all those who are excited. And please don't forget to tell more people about this fantastic website!

May 17, 2003
CHAPTER TEN is now up! Oooh...I wonder what Jane is up to and how she is getting over Shampoo. If you want to know too, I would recommend reading that chapter. In the meantime, I am updating the links page to show you some of the really cool sites that Shampoo visited when she visited Google. CHAPTER ELEVEN is now in the works, along with many other things.

May 8, 2003
CHAPTER NINE IS NOW UP! This has been such a long quarter with midterms, endless papers and all the above. I've been doing so many other things right now. But I am working on Chapter Ten. Let's say Jane gets to "work it" with a mysterious stranger. Thank you to all those who have visited the website and continue to show support. I am going to put in more time for this site and I will explain why later. Right now, I am working on two graphics, one story, three informational pages and learning how to use Javascript! Woo hoo!

April 14, 2003
CHAPTER EIGHT IS NOW UP!!! Isn't that exciting. I know this update was horribly late but I have been so busy studying many other things. On the other hand, I will be working on Chapter Nine and the links page. I just need to find some time first. Please e-mail me your comments and thank you for showing your support!

April 6, 2003
Greetings everyone. My work is very overwhelming (despite the fact that I am very ahead of all my classes) but I will definitely update the site very soon. Probably tonight. You see, I am working on Chapter Eight! So please be patient and thank you for visiting the site. In the mean time, I will update my "TO DO LIST"

  • LINKS Page- I have organized all of my really cool links and am ready to put them up on this site so watch for that in a couple of days!
  • Chapter Eight- Will Jane ever get over Shampoo? The bigger question is can Shampoo get over Jane or finally do something about it?
  • Character information- Watch for Ryan Hitomi, Jane Dunway and the Ranma1/2 crew up pretty soon. Pictures are filling up my bandwith big time but I'll see what I can squeeze in.
  • And since everyone is demanding it, I'll put in more information about Ranma1/2 and "Tales of the City."

    April 5, 2003
    CHAPTER SEVEN IS NOW UP! I am so sorry...I'm taking too many classes. Aaahh! But I am enjoying them so much. Working on Chapter Eight (back to the Shampoo's story ^_^) I'll probably put up some more random stuff on this site soon. I'd like to thank everyone who has visited this site and shown their support! LINKS PAGE COMING SOON!

    March 30, 2003

    If you noticed, I updated the banner because my Photoshop is working again. If you notice, Akane and Ryoga don't have white stuff around them and the lines next to Ukyou are gone. Sorry that the graphic is still fuzzy though. In the meantime, I am working on Chapter 7 of the story. It is coming out slowly and surely thanks to a mixture of writing blocks and the fact that class starts tomorrow. But I am already thinking ahead and I have 3 other chapters ready to upload very soon. I am also going to add a links page but I gotta get all those graphics arranged

    March 27, 2003

    Sorry everyone. I have been having technical difficulties in keeping this site updated since all my ADOBE programming decided to go haywire. I will update it as muc has I possibly can. Gracias

    March 23, 2003

    I'm so sorry that I haven't updated for a long time. I actually have started to work on the next chapter of the series. But yes, I now have an introduction page and disclaimer so enjoy and I added a guestbook and web counter. So, FILL THE GUEST BOOK!!!

    March 20, 2003

    What do you guys think of the fabulous new header for the series. I know that there are several cropping issues and I will work on them when I have more time. I just wanted to work on my big graphic before I left for San Francisco. But now, it is done! So this is what I actually do when I am in BITCH MODE for my Chinese final. God I hope I don't fail.

    Chapter Five and Six are up! I took some time to breeze through Chinese and finish writing Chapter Five. I still am amazed about how fast this site is getting updated. Hopefully people can PLUG it But here is what I have planned.

    1. Ryoga and Ryan's adventures continue in CHAPTER SEVEN.
    2. Shampoo and Jane's adventures continue in CHAPTER EIGHT.
    3. Ironically, I've also started to throw in Ranma and Akane but havent' decided when or where to put them (big time give away)
    4. More graphics! I'm working on a gorgeous Queer As Folk Style graphic for the title head of this page...
    5. More information about Ranma1/2. I do have to tell you that you only need to know only a little bit for the Prologue. However, Chapter 1-6 stay away from the Ranma1/2 issue...and information about yuri and yaoi.
    That's all from the top of my head. I have a final on Friday morning and I leave for San Francisco on Friday afternoon. But I will be back in Davis (because I have a job, thank you God!) on Monday..The dorms close till Wednesday though. Therefore, I am going to focus more on the story and SPRING QUARTER 2003! Woo hoo!

    March 19, 2003
    Do you like the banner? I just did it today! It's a preview of the wonderful things that Photoshop and Illustrator can do. I unfortunately still have a Chinese final which I need to study for before I go crazy! Meanwhile, I edited "Shampoo's Epiphany" (which was somehow linked to Chapter 3. Still working on Chapter 4 which will be done soon.

    March 18, 2003
    After all this time, the site is finally up. I have completed Chapters 1-6 with the exception of Chapter 5. And now, I finally have time to work on the fanfic site. Woo hoo! For now, Chapters 1-4 are up for your viewing pleasure. I will work on this tomorrow as I am getting hella tired. I probably will be adding more stuff to this site soon that isn't fanfic related. But I am working right now on CHAPTER FIVE!