Chapter Five

Two Different Worlds

Ryoga stood in the middle of Ryan’s vast living room practicing his katas. Rays of the morning sun beamed slowly through the window. Ryoga’s gorgeous body swayed gracefully. He was so focused on his moves that he didn’t really notice he was still wearing Ryan’s thong.

He heard the door slam. His host had woken up. He remained silent and listened to the footsteps going toward the kitchen. Ryoga peered into the barely open door. Ryan looked gorgeous with the sun beating down on him. His host was only wearing red flannel pajama bottoms which were neatly sagging around his tanned thighs. The cotton material hugged his lean muscular legs. As his lean arms stretched to crack eggs into a frying pan, clumps of muscle rippled like soft waves. His soft tuff of dark black hair could not completely cover his chiseled countenace, his smooth skin, his kindly brown eyes. He looked almost like a statue

And he smiled. Ryan had a very sexy smile. The upper lip curled up into a somewhat smug grin. Ryoga’s heart started to race faster. Ryoga tried to turn away, blushing furiously. But one leg tripped the other and the law of gravity led to an enormous commotion.

“Well,” Ryan smiled. “Good morning sunshine.”

Ryoga looked up shyly underneath the pile of pots and pans that had fallen on his head. “Um, ohayoo gozaimasu*.” I look like such a fool right now.

“I made eggs,” the handsome Asian Adonis squatted on his haunches, giving Ryoga full access to his smooth, soft pectorals. He started to take the pots and pans off Ryoga’s body and hang them on the cupboard above. Ryoga smiled weakly. He had punched his way through rocks and lifted heavy objects over his head. But he couldn’t explain why his musclse froze when this guy smiled.

Ryoga regained his strength by shoving mound after mound of slippery egg whites into his mouth and chugging down glasses of orange juice. This wasn’t a normal Japanese breakfast of rice, pickles and fish. Ryan munched on a slice of toasted wheat bread.

He’s a looker but he needs to learn some manners. Ryan thought as he saw crumbs all over Ryoga’s chest. “Take it slow,” Ryan said. “You’re gonna get sick!”

“Can’t help it,” Ryoga replied. “I don’t see really good food very often. Getting lost meant that I would have to fend for myself in the woods.””

“Interesting,” Ryan said as he sipped his coffee. “What did you eat to survive?”

“I hunted rabbits once,” Ryoga said in between mouthfuls. “And then there were those cicadas. They’re hard to catch but when you heat them up, they taste like chicken!”* Ryan cringed at the thought.

“Oh, by the way, I invited a couple of friends over for brunch!” Ryan replied haphazardly. Ding! “Oh! The quiche is ready!” Ryan dashed to the kitchen and soon the intoxicating smell of spinach, mushroom and cheddar cheese wafted into the dining room. Ryoga smiled and grabbed another piece of fried egg and wolfed it down heartily.

“I swear, you are such a whore!” Barry Feverson grumbled. “When are you going to get sick of all those internet freaks?”

“Well, I really couldn’t help it,” Devin Lancaster grinned. “I had just finished taking care of the paperwork for the center and had nothing to do.” He attempted to change the subject. “I really hope Ryan taped Queer As Folk last night. I still don’t know how he can afford Showtime.” Barry wasn’t going to let him get away with it. “You live several blocks away from Club Eros*, which had ‘Latin Lust Night’ last night, and you still wanted a random online loser?”

“Ay papi!” Martin Ventura simulated himself fanning his face. “It was some orgy.”

“Forget I asked…” Barry grumbled.

“Look you guys,” Tyler Stonebrook said before hell could break loose. “We’re here to visit RYAN not to deal with all our drama.” He was balancing a nice basket of fruit in one hand and a bottle of champagne in another. He rang the doorbell. “Honey! Let us in!”

“Your doorbell is ringing,” they heard one voice from the other side. “Can you go open it?” Ryan’s familiar voice replied.

They heard the click as someone unlocked the door. And a lean and muscular Asian twink with only a silver thong on his smooth body greeted them. Jaws dropped. Ryoga looked at the group of four young men with a cool composure.

“We’re here…to see….Ryan,” Tyler stammered. He shoved the fruit basket into Ryoga’s open arms. “Here, have some fruit!” Ryoga looked down at the basket and grabbed a banana. “Thanks,” he replied. “I like bananas.” He proceeded to peel the banana open, revealing its long, yellow body and proceeded to place half the banana into his gaping mouth. The other four men gaped at the thought of what this strange boy was doing in Ryan’s apartment.

Ryan was no longer topless. He wore a tight blue sweater and matching black pants. His hair wasn’t messed up either but styled up with gel that smelled like vanilla. “Ah, you must’ve met the new pool boy!” Ryan said nervously. He gave each guy a hug. Ryoga looked on with the banana still in his mouth.

“Honey,” Devin replied. “You’re in the middle of San Francisco. YOU DON’T HAVE A POOL!

Ryan slapped Ryoga’s bare buttocks. Ryoga blushed furiously, feeling the sudden tingling sensation. However, if one were to be able to slow down this scene, they would realize that Ryan was not actually slapping Ryoga’s butt. He was lightly groping it and blushing all through the time.

“Come on in,” Ryan’s voice suddenly became perky. “It took me hours to master this Martha Stewart quiche recipe.”

“Oh Ryan, You could master everything,” Tyler responded softly. He leaned closer and whispered, “I bet you mastered him too.”

Brunch was a very interesting event. Just as Ryan was inquisitive yesterday about the new stranger, the other bois also found Ryoga’s story fascinating. Of course to not shock his friends, Ryoga decided to exclude the fact that he also is a pig.

“So you really are from Japan?” Devin asked. “How are the guys like?”

“Short,” Ryoga grinned. He felt really good. He had never talked about his innate feelings toward men before. “But yes, they are as hot as you think.”

“Yup, and we have one example!” Ryan smiled and rubbed Ryoga’s bare back. Ryoga blushed furiously. Ryan’s gentle but rough hands all over his ripped back made his nerves tingle.

“Well,” Ryoga replied suddenly. “I am going to start getting unpacked.” He got up and politely bowed to everyone before disappearing into the next room.

“Do you guys want some coffee?” Ryan appeared nervous as he poured coffee into everyone’s blue mugs. He was getting ready for the impending lecture. The quartet was ready to pounce on poor Ryan. Martin's mouth was gaping wide as he turned around from seeing Ryoga’s toned ass walk out the door. Barry had his stern mother look- eyes looking directly at Ryan and uptight lips. Tyler had his goofy little smile, which meant Ryan had done something very embarrassing. Devin stirred his coffee.

Silence is not a good thing.

Marvin broke the silence. “So did you find this one also at Baby Gap? Or was it like that seventeen-year-old from Disneyland?”

“He’s eighteen,” Ryan responded. “I checked his passport personally.”

“And you’re twenty-eight,” Barry replied. “It is a ten year age gap!” He just came out of the closet,” Tyler added.

“Yeah,” Ryan looked down at his mug of coffee. “But look at him! Do guys like THAT ever come colliding into me?”

“Don’t give us that bullshit,” Devin replied. “You still turn heads in the C-Ro!”

“Okay, let me rephrase that,” Ryan said. “Do guys like him ever APPROACH me like he has?”

Silence echoed. Ryan Hitomi’s only problem was the fact that the guys who liked him were too modest to directly approach him. “Honey, you guys come from two different worlds,” Barry started his lecture. “He has yet to experience what you have experienced in this stage of gayness..."

“I’m sorry,” Barry replied. “I should have never started it.”

“It’s okay,” Ryan replied. “I know you’re watching out for me, big brother I never had.”

“So, onto happier things,” Devin smiled. “The new Club Earth is going to open in the middle of Fisherman’s Wharf on Wednesday night! I have five guest passes in!” “Who did you have to blow to get that,” Melvin snickered. Devin hissed.

“Count me in,” Ryan said as he entered the data into his Palm Pilot. “Oh would you look at the time!” Tyler looked at his watch. “I have to grade papers! Thank you for a fabulous lunch as always,” Tyler got up and hugged Ryan. Everyone else said their thanks and embraced Ryan in return. It was nice to know that the “problem” also had its resolution and no friendships were discouraged.

As soon as everyone left, Ryan returned to the dining room to address the post-brunch turmoil. He started to gather the dirty plates still littered with some of his delicate quiche, now hashed out into dozens of bits. He heard Ryoga snoozing in Ryan’s room.

Ryan piled the dishes in a neat pile. He stopped to think of the previous events. Sometimes Barry’s rantings over age-issues didn’t make sense to Ryan. Ryan’s mom and dad also had a ten year age gap when they got married. But Tyler was right. Ryoga just came out. He is a fresh young twink ready to experience the world and the gay experience. Coupling with him would mean I take away that experience. You come from two different worlds, Barry’s voice echoed in his head.

He couldn’t love Ryoga. They were part of two different worlds. And Ryan had left that part of the gay world a long time ago. Not just yet.

Some Notes
*I swear, I don’t know what cicada tastes like! Ewww….I do know that grasshoppers taste like peanuts And by the way, the amber bugs in lollipops are real! So I have eaten bugs before. But will I eat bugs again?

Queer As Folk is a now popular series featuring gay men on Showtime. The show is based on a wildly popular British version that was made in the 1980s. However, Michael (Hal Sparks) looks much cuter!!! The show emerged in 2001 and is onto its third season. The show is revolutionary for being the first television show that features gay characters and targets gay issues. For more information, visit their website

Club Eros is a sex club in San Francisco. For more information visit for times and events ^_^

I clearly understand the idea of statutory rape. Don’t worry, as you already notice, Ryan Hitomi doesn’t often sleep with the boys he takes home.

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