Chapter Eleven

Ryan's Game

Ryan returned to work. Back to the city. Back to the busy city where the sun carves through fog and blankets the city in pure light. But on Earth below, cars emit gray and buildings emit gray and carve the sunlight itself.Ryan walked past the words "San Francisco Chronicle" in glimmering gold. He opened the brown mahogany double-doors, trudged his way through the busy office and back to his cubicle.

The computer screen was blinking. On Ryan's calm blue desktop, a small gray box flashed on the screen with the following words:

Ranko1024: Hey babe! Did ya get laid this weekend?

He sighed. Ryan sat down at his desk. He moved a large stack of crumpled drafts on the floor. After looking at the computer Ryan sat at his desk.

APIQPrince: Honey, that's not appropriate to talk about in the office.

The response came soon enough.

Ranko1024:Technically it's past five so it's not the office right now.

APIQPrince: Technically, eh? Well come on over!

An energetic Japanese girl walked towards Ryan. She had flowing, bouncy red hair, red like a blood red rose. She had deep blue eyes like sapphires. If Ryan were straight, he would surely have gone out with Ranko Saotome..well she was going to be Ranko McNamara in a few weeks. She also looked very smart in a crisp sand-colored pantsuit.

"You look fabulous," Ryan smiled.

"As ever," Ranko replied. "If I'm going to get married, I might as well take advantage of Bret's five-digit salary!"

Ranko sat down in Ryan's swivel chair and crossed her legs. She looked at Ryan with her jet blue eyes. Her long pants creased and wrinkled with the movement of her legs. Ryan turned away and started typing his story on the computer. Ranko pulled out a nail filer from her hot pink purse and started carving away.

"So maybe you can tell me more about this Riki guy that you are making me pick up," Ryan said distantly.

"Well," Ranko started filing her nails. "We met him at Tahoe," Ranko chortled. "I showed him a picture of you. He thinks you look pretty cute"

Ryan turned around in shock. "You showed him a picture of me?! Don't tell me it was..."

"The picture at the Christmas party," Ranko smiled and laughed and then fell off the chair. Ranko showed him a picture. The blonde guy was pretty cute. He was wearing a blue cap.. His soft blue eyes looked hopefully toward Ryan. "He's okay," Ryan said. "I normally like Asian guys though."

"Really?" Ranko said. "The way that you and Tyler act seems more like you're more of a potato queen!

"Tyler doesn't really like me," Ryan replied. "He told me we're best friends. I'll pick him up but I'm not really interested in hitting on this blind date." "Oh, c'mon Ryan!" Ranko nagged. "You haven't gone out with a guy since...last year."

"And I like it that way," Ryan said. "I've been able to get a lot of work done because I've been way too busy to not chase tail. And I like it."

"Are you sure?" Ranko asked. "Don't you feel those animalistic urges?'"

"Hey, I don't ask what you and Bret do in the bedroom" Ryan snapped back. He turned to the window and started touching the cool glass again, Below, he could see the world bustling. Life ensuing. And he was trapped. Trapped in time, frozen on the fifth floor of 901 Mission St. "Of course I like the touch of a guy," Ryan was shaking. "Especially if he is smooth. His skin is soft and warm to the touch but strong and protective. Like this one guy I met this weekend."

"Don't we wish they all were?" Ranko sighed. She suddenly turned to Ryan, eyes gaping open. "WHAT GUY?!"

"This cute guy I picked up at the airport" Ryan sighed. "Ryoga Hibiki." The name "Ryoga" suddenly brought a chill up Ranko's spine. For a funny reason, Ranko felt that he knew the name before. "Sounds pretty cute."

"Oh he is!" Ryan turned around excitedly. "He's cute and absentminded and lean and drop-dead sexy."

"Oh, absent-mindedness is a good factor in the perfect man."

Ryan laughed. "So, when are you guys going to go out?" Ranko asked excitedly.

"We're not," Ryan replied. “He’s 18 and I’m 29. See the big age gap?” He looked out the window again. “Sometimes, I think I’m going to grow old alone and at first I was okay with that. But that was when I was younger and didn’t know any better.” He gestured toward Ranko. “Now look at you, my best friend, you’re getting married! Parry and Johnson are partnering up. It seems like everyone is in a rush to get partnered up whether they are homo or hetero. And me, I’m going to lead apes into hell!*”

“Honey, that’s bullshit,” Ranko said. “First of all, the reason why you’re still single is because you’ve been too busy working to search for Mr. Right."

"I just want guys to find me attractive again," Ryan said softly. “The old man look is starting to get to me.”

"And they do," Ranko said. She got up and started rubbing Ryan’s strong shoulders. "Look, there is a cute guy waiting for you at the airport right now. You may think you're old and over the hill. The truth is that you aren't. And you can play harder than this hopeless flirty twink Ryoga because you've been here longer. You can still play that game."

Ryan sighed. "You're right."


Color and the use of light is a very essential feature of this fanfic. I really want the fic to be visual and very visionary. See if you can get the color scheme that is going on in this story

“Lead apes into hell” is a Shakespeare quote from Taming of the Shrew which means I’m going to be a bachelor or old maid forever.

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