A secret is revealed. A forgotten lover returns. Ryoga, Shampoo, Ryan and Jane return in this story about a group of queers living and loving in modern day San Francisco.

Welcome to the preview of "More Tales of the City 1/2! In this novel, we follow the friends we've made from "Tales of the City 1/2" through their trials and tribulations in the city of San Francisco.

Chapter One: Anything Goes As BeforeRanma Saotome and his wife Akane Tendo-Saotome ponder the fate of their lives as an old friend returns.

Chapter Two: MatchmakersOne of the character deals with his sexuality in a completely different way as a family dinner turns into a matchmaking ceremony.

Chapter Three: I Won't Tell if You Don'tA homophobic Greek Week has the Berkeley queer community in an uproar. Shampoo needs to choose her loyalties to her sorority.

Chapter Four:More than Just Friends: Akane pays Ukyou a visit. A missing chapter from Ranma is revealed.