Chapter One

Anything Goes as It Goes Before

            The cherry blossoms had only started to turn bright pink in the now-tranquil district of Nerima, Japan. Carried by a calm, invisible breeze, the delicate flower petals danced into the small town and released their lightly honey perfume into the air. Since the death of Genma Saotome and Soun Tendo and the resolution between their two families, the district finally entered a state of peace and quiet. The memories of clashing of bonboris, bandanas, spatulas, poisoned roses, magical potions and other such chaotic objects vanished quickly with the breeze, carried away with the cherry blossom wind.


Akane Tendo-Saotome opened the dojo doors to welcome the pungent wind and the bright sunlight that it brought. She turned around to the class of young girls she was teaching self-defense to. “Okay ladies,” Akane said. “That should be all for today. I will see you all next week.” She bowed to her students and they returned her bow.


            “You’re getting much stronger, Katori,” Akane smiled sweetly to one of her student.


            “Hai, Akane-san,” the young ten-year-old girl grinned. She flexed her small biceps happily. Katori’s mother had asked Akane to train her ever since a stuck-up male classmate almost beat up the fragile girl.


            “There you are!” another friendly voice called. “Katori-chan, your mother is waiting for you.”


            “Uu-chan!” Katori called to the stranger. Akane’s head suddenly perked up.


            Akane could even barely recognize Ukyou Kuonji. It was only a year ago that these two women fought for the love of Akane’s husband. Ukyou looked completely different from the long-haired Japanese okonomiyaki chef of the past. Her lengthy brown hair was tied up in a bun while two or three wild strands lightly covered her face. She also wasn’t wearing the tight-fitting slender green karate gi that she normally did. Instead, Ukyou was wearing a loose and puffy green jacket and blue jeans. There were still features that a change in dress and hair could not take away. Ukyou’s deep brown eyes, perked nose and smooth rouge lips remained even as the young girl transformed into a young woman.


            “Oh!” Akane exclaimed. “Konnichiwa, Uu-chan!” She bowed politely, almost feeling her head touch the ground.


            “I have some tea ready,” Akane said nervously as Ukyou sat down on the mat. Akane took out two small, worn-out blue cups. She walked into the dojo’s small and dingy kitchen and grabbed a whistling brown kettle. She quickly poured the searing hot liquid into a porcelain blue pot. She walked back into the dining hall where Ukyou was now extremely comfortable.


            “Of course,” Ukyou smiled.


            “How’s Tokyo?” Akane sat down. She tried to sit down but the karate gi was too tight around her body.


            “Tokyo is amazing,” Ukyou smiled heartily. “The city is beautiful. It never sleeps. Even when the sun sets, the neon lights keep beckoning life. There is just so much freedom.” Ukyou’s eyes lit up just thinking about the city.


            “Not much after you left,” Akane said. “Kasumi and Dr. Tofu shacked together. Kuno convinced Nabiki to take a break and go with him to Hawaii. Nabiki’s also expecting a baby in a couple of months. We got letters from Shampoo at the American university but she just stopped sending them. Mousse and Akari are together. She also had a fetish for ducks too. We recently buried Happosai. May that perverted bastard rest in peace.” Akane smiled. “How are you?”


            “Business is doing great,” Ukyou said quietly. “Okonomiyaki is in so much demand in Tokyo. I’ve opened ten Uuchans and am going to Osaka in a month to open another one.


"So are you too busy to actually pursue someone?" Akane's fingers shook as she held the teapot again.


            “Way too busy,” Ukyou said. “But I have visited these great Women Weekends in Tokyo.” Akane tried to pretend she was deaf. “Tokyo is definitely an excellent place to find women. Lots of cute girls, like you, Akane-chan.”


            Akane poured the burning liquid into Ukyou’s cup and accidentally onto her fingers. The kettle dropped with a sudden clash, cracking open and spilling the hot liquid all over the dusty wooden floor.


            “I’m sorry,” Akane mumbled. She took a nearby rag and started cleaning up. “For everything.”


            Ukyou looked at Akane, her soft lips quivering. Her soft brown eyes gazed into Akane’s luminous violet ones. “Do you wish things happened the way they did?” Ukyou asked.


Akane swept the cracked pieces of the teapot into a garbage can and looked away from Ukyou. “Yes,” she replied coldly. “They were meant to happen this way.”


Ukyou helped Akane pick up the pieces. In the midst of cracked blue porcelein, her soft hands met Akane's own hands. Akane looked up shockingly. Ukyou looked down a little bit more. Akane's husband Ranma entered the dining room. Ranma himself also grew up. His body was still lean but he was now taller and much more buffer. He wore a white tanktop in which his pectorals suffocated for air. His hair was still tied in a neat ponytail that fell softly down his back. “Konnichiwa,” Ranma bowed solemnly. Akane ran toward Ranma and gave him a swift peck on the cheek. Ukyou gave stared back at Akane who now looked completely lost.


            “Ukyou was just leaving,” Akane stammered. Ukyou nodded softly.


            “It was good to see you again, Ukyou,” Akane said cordially.


            Ukyou picked up her green backpack. She shook hands with Ranma, her tight grip. “Pleasure seeing ya again, Ranma-darling,” she kissed Ranma on the other cheek. She faced Akane. “I will be at Uuchan’s for a couple of days,” Ukyou said. “Just like it was before.”


 Ukyou walked away. Her ponytail bounced lightly in the wind. She opened the door, let in a couple of cherry blossoms and quietly shut the door. For a second, Akane stared at the delicate pink petals on the floor.


            “I will go get dinner ready,” Akane mumbled. Ranma nodded.


            Ranma sat at the computer. It was about time that the dojo got digital. Since his hoardes of fiancés no longer lingered to damage property, the dojo was finally profiting from its classes. Therefore, Ranma bought the cheapest yet most effective computer there was and had it shipped from Osaka. I got mail! Woo hoo! And it was from his sister:




Subject: Update


Dear brother,


     Konnichiwa, Ranma-san. My dear brother, It has been far too long since we last saw you. It is so difficult to think that we are an ocean apart..except with the help of technology and high-speed internet. I am extremely happy that you finally installed DSL at the dojo. Cheapskate baka-kun.


How is Akane-chan doing? Tell her that I miss her terribly. Even her horrible cooking and those random flying objects to the skull. I hope that she is being a good wife.


            At that moment, Ranma heard much loud cussing from the kitchen and the sound of dinner falling on the floor. He really missed Kasumi’s cooking. Tonight’s dinner would be instant ramen, the one thing that Akane actually knew how to cook. Ranma read on.


As for my own marital affairs, Bret and I are setting a wedding date. We are thinking next year. Please save a week to spend time in San Francisco in time for the wedding. We both really want a June wedding because that is when the city is least gloomy. Other than that, work is good. I enjoy working at The San Francisco Chronicle and may be looking forward to a promotion soon.


Brother, the weirdest thing has happened to me. I was eating lunch with my best friend Ryan Hitomi (the cute gay japanese guy I have been telling you so much about) and I had the faintest feeling I recognized one of his friends.  You were concerned about how Ryoga had mysteriously disappeared from Tokyo. Could it be possible that Ryoga is in San Francisco? I'll further investigate this mystery. So far, Ryan's not telling me anything except that this guy is indeed from Japan and he has had a very hard life. It does sound quite familiar doesn't it?


Do keep in touch. And give Uu-chan all my love.


The name Ryoga gave Ranma shivers down his spine. He suddenly felt a cold wind pierce the room, even though the window wasn't open. Ranma turned towards Akane who was now pouring hot water into ramen bowls. Then he turned back to the computer. And all he could see were the small black boxes that made up the word "Ryoga."


Later that evening, Ranma and Akane had sex in the small bedroom that was once Akane’s alone. It had become more routine than pleasure. The house was completely empty except for the creaking of the old bed, the only echo of their lovemaking. Ranma was never interested in Akane’s body but he knew that she needed him more than ever, especially after everything that happened in their lives.


            Well, that’s what Ranma thought anyways. Akane rolled over to sleep. Ranma put his arms behind his head. Could it be? Ranko’s voice echoed in his mind. Is it possible that Ryoga is indeed in San Francisco? Akane started to softly snore beside him. Ranma’s mind quietly drifted off to the sea, wanting to fly over an entire ocean.



Bear with me. I must continue to remind people that this is a Ranma ½ fanfic and I bet all the RRYaoi people are excited that I’m finally reaching Ranma’s story. It has taken a while to develop the other characters.


Ukyou Kuonji was one of Ranma’s fiancés from the anime Ranma ½. Ranma’s father Genma had promised Ranma as Ukyou’s husband to Ukyou’s dad, an okonomiyaki maker, in exchange for some food. Ukyou entered the scene dressed up as a guy in disguise.


Konnichiwa means “good afternoon” in Japanese. Konban wa means “good evening.”


Age is a major issue that I have. Takehashi doesn’t mention how old all the characters are. When we first meet Ranma and Akane, they are both 16. In this story, all the characters are 18. In Japan, it is no surprise that Ranma and Akane are married at this age. I have made Shampoo older than all the other original characters. She is twenty-one. This will be very important in the story. Ryan is 28 and Ryoga is 18,


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