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My English professor Roger Waddington believed that "no idea is original." All ideas have been reused and reinvented. These are my sources for the story "Tales of the City 1/2" I invite you to look at them in their original forms in order to see how they interlink with the issue of being gay and Asian.

Tales of the City: is the official website for the Armistead Maupin collection "Tales of the City." The books are available on if you are interested in purchasing them. It is one of the main sources of my fanfic.

Ranma ½: Ranma 1/2 Perfect Edition is the perfect website for anime fans of the series Ranma 1/2 in the original version. I know Rumiko has a website but it is in Japanese. This was my main source for the Ranma 1/2 storyline and the Ranma 1/2 characters. The original books and videos are on sale at Viz Video ( I personally recommend reading the doujinshi for the original yaoi undertones of that fanfic.

Kissing Jessica Stein: Jessica and Helen are two characters I base the perfect lesbian relationship between Jane Dunway and Shampoo Chen on. Jessica is an independent womyn who is searching for herself and love through the lesbian relationship she ventures in. She is also a very smart city woman. I incorporated characteristics of her character into Shampoo. Helen is also a smart woman who is bold and very snappy. She was the blueprint for Jane Dunway. I think Jane looks kinda like Helen. But I definitely recommend this movie. It may not be a gay movie...but it is a truly empowering movie about how one woman reclaims herself and her identity.

This famous television series on Showtime promotes positive (and not-so-positive) images of homosexualiy in the United States. I love Michael Navotny (Hal Sparks) who is the primary source for the Ryan Hitomi character. QAF is my primary source for the gay issues that are tackled in this fanfic. You can buy Showtime the cable channel or buy both seasons available at This television series is very fabulous. You might be able to find some links between this fanfic and the characters of the show. Hint: The lesbians Melanie and Lindsay are also sources for the Shampoo-Jane relationship.

The Hours: Based on an equally wonderful book by Michael Cunningham links three women to the story "Mrs. Dalloway" by Virginia Woolf as they equally struggle between their gender and sexuality roles. This movie is a blatantly positive image of lesbianism and therefore is one of the sources for my fanfic. Now available on video and DVD.

But Iím a Cheerleader is a very positive movie starring Natasha Lyonne as a perky high school cheerleader who is sent to straight-camp for being suspected as a lesbian. She finds out she is and falls in love with the fabulous butch Clea Duvalle. This movie focused mostly on coming out, in a not so normal way. But it is a good movie overall and I have watched it twice during my research.

Ryoga's Gay Links

Here are a lot of useful gay websites. As a gay man, I have visited all these sites and repeatedly visit them.

PlanetOut: PlanetOut is one of the main resources for LGBT articles, personals, comics and reviews. This should be the first website that any gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, or ally should visit to learn more about gay media. My favorite thing to do on this site is see the comic "The Unfabulous Life of Ethan Green" which is now regularly updated.

GayWired: Gaywired is geared directly toward gay and bisexual men. It contains articles, personals, horoscopes and "The Celebrity Top 10" where guys can vote for their favorite celebrities to get on the chart. Go Dave Fumero!

XY Magazine: This magazine is produced for gay youth and contains many fun articles. It is an important support magazine for gay youth everywhere. Plus, the website contains a personals page where you can meet gay youth in your city also!

Noodle Magazine: Based in San Francisco, Noodle Magazine is geared toward and promoting the visibility of gay Asian American men. It also has great pictures of gay Asian American men, if you know what I mean. ^_^

Instinct Magazine: Very humorous and mainstream gay magazine. It features a variety of humorous (but practical articles) and many pictures of attractive young (white) men. Please tell them to get more models of color. This website is both a resource website with many articles about the LGBT lifestyle. And it also contains one of the web's most extensive chatrooms where guys can meet other guys. I am warning you right now that it can become an addiction. And a lot of closeted people use the site.

Sex Men and Queers: For the boys who are bored. An archive of free gay adult picture sites. Sponsored by BadPuppy. MUST BE AT 18 YEARS OLD TO VISIT!

Shampoo's Lesbian Links

Ever wonder what Shampoo was looking at in Chapter Ten through Google? Here they all are for the lesbian/bisexual womyn warriors who visit my site. This for my grrls! Do I really need to put a description about this? 100% free personal ads for lesbian and bisexual women. Not my thing but my friend Pam can have the girls if she wants. From the same producers of, this cool interactive website features news, features, personals, desktops of Xena, all for the lesbians content! This cool site is the "gathering place for the Web-savvy dyke" and was rated "Hottest Website (That's not" and is entertaining whether you're lesbian, bi grrl, gay guy, heterosexual or transgendered!

National Center for Lesbian Rights: This site will keep you continually updated with the variety of lesbian civil rights movements going on including the rights for women to partner in some states.

Mimi Ngyuen (Exoticize my Fist!): Feminist Asian lesbian womyn warrior who dedicates her site to promoting Asian female feminism. APIQs all the way!

BuST Magazine: Feminist and lesbian magazine with personals, postcards and a BUST guide to the feminist web which looks ten time sbetter than mine!

Girlfiends Magazine: Popular lesbian magazine full of articles and advice

Blackberri Cafe: A cool womyn seeking womyn site for women of color is the center of reviews and commentary for lesbian media in movies, television and music. It has a really great "L Word" information site. It also includes a really detailed timeline about lesbian visibility in the media. This is another really cool lesbian media site which contains many details (and detailed photographs) of lesbian visibility in the media. It also contains a wonderful shrine dedicated to Angelina Jolie. (ahem, Pam)

Showtime's "The L-Word" links

This is the spot I am going to place for Showtime's "The L-Word" links until I am done with a special page for the show. Please keep in mind this show appears many times in the Shampoo storyline. The L-Word The Mother of all lesbian-television guides has a special page dedicated to articles on "The L Word."

The L-Word Online
This wonderful web site includes a song list from "The L-Word" episodes

Karina Lombard: Dedicated to the sexiest sapphic on television! Eat your heart out, Gina Gershon!
: The place to get L-Word screencaps!

The L-Word Transcript Site: Dedicated to those who can't afford Showtime!

Aldrich's personal links

These are sites that I look at when I am bored. A really funny site with funny pictures and good jokes. The main reason why America's influence is tarnishing Asia's image. I Know CLick YOu Here!

Journey of a Lost Asian American: My LiveJournal because my real life is ten times more kooky than "Tales"

Friendster: Yes, I am on this too! Add me to yours (

Rhapsody: Download one of the coolest MP3 streamers available. For a small price you can get over 20,000 popular artists playing through your computer too! It's like Napster, only legal. Yes, I admit it. I'm a Disneyphile! So sue me.