Character information

Meet the cast of "Tales of the City 1/2." Learn more about your favorite characters, look at some sketchy pictures of them, plus get into the heads about what the characters think of each other!

Chen, Shampoo
Dunway, Jane
Feverson, Barry
Hibiki, Ryoga
Hitomi, Ryan
Kuonji, Ukyou (COMING SOON)
Lancaster, Devin
Pham, Benjamin
Saotome, Ranma (COMING SOON)
Saotome, Ranko (COMING SOON)
Stonebrook, Tyler
Tendo, Akane (COMING SOON)
Ventura, Martin (COMING SOON)

This beautiful buxom Chinese Amazon is doing well in UC Berkeley, which is many miles away from her flippant past in Japan. But Shampoo has a bigger adversary to overcome than Ranma’s fiancés- her own growing passion for women.
Benjamin Pham- Things are getting very uneasy between me and Ben. For once, I am finally admitting that I am not attracted to Ben in the same way he’s attracted to me. And I don’t know why
Jane Dunway- This is really scary…I don’t know what to do. For once, I really don’t know what to do. I’ve never had feelings for a girl but she’s…just wow. And when we kissed, I swear I saw fireworks.

JANE DUNWAY A sapphic woman's dream come true, the drop-dead sexy and intelligent Berkeley grrl can kick it with the boys as well as the girls. She only has one flaw- her type of womyn tends to be the unobtainable.
Shampoo Chen- I am so damn horny now. I kissed her, the gorgeous girl in my Women Studies class who likes to draw pretty pictures of women. She’s a great kisser. Damnit, why does she have a boyfriend?

Barry Feverson is a soft bear who is hardcore straight-up with all his friends, especially if there is something he doesn’t like. Although he criticizes everyone constantly, underneath he is a teddy bear who is striving to be a father figure for his queer family.
Ryan Hitomi- Don’t seek younger kids to find the fountain of youth!
Tyler Stonebrook- Needs to tell Ryan he likes him and get over it.
Devin Lancaster- is a whore. Enough said.
Ryoga Hibiki- And the new kid. Ryan, he is waay too young for you!

Ever since his wild days in Tokyo, the Japanese “lost boy” yearned to belong somewhere…and with someone. Now in San Francisco with a new group of friends, maybe he might even find love in the City by the Bay
Ryan Hitomi- I don’t know but it seems like there is something that is separating me from Ryan. I wish he would like me more than just the little kid that he’s treating me.
Tyler- Ryan’s best friend just asked me out on a date. I’ve never been on a real date before. But it was pretty great. He’s warm and funny and pretty cute for an American.

Korean-Japanese Castro-ite has got it all- good friends, a great job, self-confidence in his own identity. But a certain fanged Japanese boi has got Ryan thinking that his life isn’t complete.
Ryoga Hibiki- Sure, we’ve shared a bed together. And He’s real cute and really intelligent. And he’s everything that I’ve ever wanted in a guy. But is there anything really between us? In addition, I find it so fascinating that he can turn into a pig!
Tyler- I’m so excited to be lecturing in Tyler’s class. He and I have gotten so close in these past ten years since we both graduated Davis. But he’s also getting closer to Ryoga. Am I jealous? No way! I’m happy for Tyler…just happy. Riki- This guy is really nice. He’s only here for a little while but we are trying to make every moment worth it. I don’t get many Asian men as hot as him coming up to me.
Devin- Devin’s such a slut. But we all love him anyways.
Barry- Mr. Know-It-all thinks he knows everything about what it is like to be gay. But that’s not true. It’s shocking though but once in a while, his advice is actually good.

Blonde twink clubber follows the stick wherever he goes. He is a party planner for new clubs in San Francisco so he is always in the know-how for where to find the hot guys.
Ryan Hitomi- Ryan is so awesome, always letting me get my Queer As Folk fix at his house since he has cable. He truly watches for his friends.
Ryoga Hibiki- He is really hot. Really really hot.

Butch and brave, Alex is also Jane’s best friend and partner-in-crime…until a beautiful woman comes by. But she’ll always stand by her friends and beat the crap out of those who oppress them.
Jane Dunway- My best friend in the world is a goddess. She is beautiful, intelligent, and witty. However, her Sapphic tastes are for women that she can’t have.

Shampoo’s loyal boyfriend is also extremely conservative and very much in love with his hot international boo. But he has no idea that there is another side of Shampoo that he hasn’t seen just yet.
Shampoo Chen- My girlfriend is the most amazing girl in the world. She is as hot as Hyori from FinkL and ten-times sexier than BoA Kwan (and that’s saying much.) My friends are all jealous of me. But most of all, she’s humble and she loves me. I can’t wait to get married. However, she’s been pretty busy lately and it is really hard to contact her.

Hawaiian-Irish happa professor has a fetish for Asian men…but one man over everyone has caught his heart…but he doesn’t know it just yet,
Ryan Hitomi- It’s obvious that I’ve been nuts over Ryan ever since they first met in UC Davis but I still deny it. I mean, what will my friends think? Or even worse, Ryan himself.
Ryoga Hibiki- I’m now seeing Ryan’s cute Japanese friend. And he’s really, really sexy…and young. He can whip up an okonomiyaki as well as he can whip up an orgasm (omigod, did I just say that?)